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Brands we work with
  • CGC
  • CertainTeed
  • Pink is green
  • Owens Corning
  • Boise Cascade
  • CFPS
  • Footprint
  • Knauf Insulation
  • LePage
  • Polytarp
  • Pro-Twist
  • Roxul Insulation
A Guide to Buying Lumber
  • Pressure Treated Lumber

    Inexpensive lumber in Toronto that is softwood is extremely susceptible to damage caused by water, which makes them unfit for outdoor use. To curb this problem, people created pressure treated lumber in the early 20th century to make conventional softwood durable for outdoor projects like fences, decks and patios.

  • Pressure Treated Lumber Pros

    Pressure treated lumber is insect proof and bug free as well as extremely durable because of its strength. They can easily last more than 4 decades. Because of its strength, durability and long life, this kind of wood can stand up to heavy duty wear and tear or rough use.

    It does not get scratched or dented easily and looks new for several years after installation. On top of everything, it is perfect for outdoor use as it can withstand harsh weather elements and is extremely affordable, making it ideal for tight budgets and large building projects.

  • Pressure Treated Lumber Cons

    The toxic materials (copper based solutions) present in this type of Toronto lumber make it hazardous for human beings and pets, if exposed to the materials directly. This is not an environment friendly wood material because of the toxins and is therefore tough to dispose. If pressure treated lumber is burned or catches fire, toxic chemicals will be released into the environment causing danger to life.

  • Cedar Lumber

    The richly grained Cedar lumber is perfect for outdoor projects decks, fences raised planter beds or garden benches as it is extremely weather resistant compared to ordinary types of Toronto lumber.

  • Cedar Lumber Pros

    Cedar lumber does not really splinter that much with the passage of time. It is insect and rot proof, and does not need special chemical treatments for outdoor use though stain is recommended to preserve the natural beauty of the wood. If it weathers naturally, it develops the trademark cedar greyish tint that is so unique of this kind of Toronto lumber.

  • Cedar Lumber Cons

    Cedar wood isn’t that stable and lends itself to a lot of contraction and expansion based on the seasons. Screws, nails and other kinds of mechanical fasteners tend to move more because of this seasonal contraction and expansion.